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How to Hack/find or view Wi Fi passwords in Windows 11 by using Command Prompt

We can find out the Wi-Fi password by using Command Prompt as Administrator

Click on Start Button

Type CMD

Click on Run as Administrator

Clcik Yes

Type cd\ Hit Enter Key

Type cd user Hit Enter Key

Type cd enter here your user name like my username is ittri then Hit Enter Key

Now type netsh wlan show profiles to show Wi-Fi connection Name

Here is Wi-Fi Connection Name

Now type or Copy this commmand netsh wlan show profile name=”Profile” key=clear | find /I “Key Content”

Now Replace Profile to Wi-Fi connection name whose password you want to see

Hit Enter Key

Here is Password

How to Hack/find or view Wi Fi passwords in Windows 11 by Wi Fi properties

How to Hack/find or view Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 11

Press Windows+I key to open settings

Click on the left pane on Network & Internet

Scroll down to find Related settings

Under the Related settings Click on More network adapter options

Right click on Wi-Fi then click on Status

Click on the Wireless Properties

Click on Security

Click on Show characters box

Now you see the Wi-Fi Password

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