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How to Restore Open With Option in Windows 7 8 10 

How to Restore the Openwith option to file context menu in windows 10

Type regedit in Start Menu

Click Yes

Follow Steps:

Right-click on ContextMenuhandlers Click New and then click Key, Enter the name as Openwith

Double-click on the Default

Enter this value


Openwith option now appear when you right-click on a file

Share Big/Large Files IN Seconds to other PC Without sharing Folder and Without using Pen-Drive

How To Compress Windows 10 Drive & Installation Files & Folders

Turn On / OFF Windows Defender Protection.

Open Settings App.

Click on the Update and Security Option.

click on Window Defender.

click on toggle Button.

Click Yes if you prompted by UAC.

Now go to control Panel and Run Windows Dedfender.

You can also turn on windows Derender from it's Settings.

After turning on Windows Defender scan your Computer.

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