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How to Increase Computer Ram Memory using Pen drive/Flash drive/Usb Key as RAM. Cheapest way

Click on Start Menu Open My Computer Here you can see Your Empty


Right click on it go to properties.

Click on ReadyBoost Tab

Click on Use this Device

Here you can read about speed up your System

Here you can Select space as musch as you want

Now click on apply & Ok 

Now you can see that your Pendrive is using full space because we allow

How To Know Running Processes In Windows When Task Manager not working

Go to Start Menu type cmd then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Click Yes, Niow Command Prompt will open as Administrator.

Type tasklist then press enter.

Now type this command tasklist>c:\\list.txt

Now go to C drive you will see a file as list.txt. In this file you will


see the list of Task.

You can also check services list after typing this command.




How to Create Space in Windows Drive /



Want to Create Free Space

Follow Steps

Go to Start Menu

Clic on fileExplorere

Right Click on the folder that you want to move then click Properties

Click on Location Tab click Move button, then select a Location on any

Windows Drive Select Folder and then Click Apply to move the Selected folder to the new Drive

You Can Create a folder or a Drive as you Wish

Click on Select folder then Apply

Click on Yes then OK

Now go Drive where you Move your folder

If you ever want to restore your folder then follow the steps

How to Restore Compressed zipped Folder Shortcut

Press Windows+R Key s to Open Run Command Box


Type this command in Run Box

Copy Commpressed (Zipped) Folder

Open Run Command Box again Using Windows+R Key

Type, Shell:sendto

Paste here copy Commpressed (Zipped) Folder

It's done now your Zipped Shortcut Restore


How to Hide Your Username and E-mail Address on The Login Screen Via Registry

How to Hide your Username & Email Address on the Login Screen Via Registry

Open Run Command Box type Regedit. and then Press Enter

Click Yes

Follow Steps


Double-click on the entry named dontdisplaylastusername

Change it's value data from the default 0 (zero) to 1 (one)

Right-click on the empty area. click New Click DWORD (32-bit) Value

Double-click on it

Change the Value data to 3

Now Log off computer to Check User Name

User Namenot showing Congrats

But every time you have to enter Your User Name to Login

How to Open RAR, Zip, Archive Folder 2019


How to Open RAR File 

When No Software Install in Your PC it will ask you for Software

Download & Install WinRar Software

Now You Can Open RAR Folder

Click Extract To

Here you can Choose your Destination

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