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How To Download and Run Program in Sandbox

How to download and Run Program in Sandbox
Type Sandboxie download in search bar
Click Here
Install it
Right-Click on the Sandboxie icon in the system tray and click DefaultBox, click Run any program
Here you have to select program you want to run in Sandbox
To close a program you have to terminate it in Sandbox

How To Hide and Unhide Disk Drive using Diskpart in Windows 10

Hello Friends, Today we will learn how to Hide & Unhide disk drive.
Type CMD in Start Menu search bar and press Enter to Launch Command Prompt.
Type Diskpart and Press Enter Key.
Click Yes if you are prompted then a new dialog box open.
Then type List Volume and press enter, a list of drive will appear.
Select Volume that you want hide for example type select volume 7 press enter.
Now type remove and press enter.
Now go to My Compter to check drive is hide or not. if it still showing then press F5 to refresh.
Now you want ot get is back then type select volume 7 and press enter.
Now type assign and press enter
Now uyou can see the drive in 

How to Schedule a Scan in Windows Defender in Windows 10

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