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How to Create Partition in Disk Which is given message

there is not enough space available on the disk to

complete this operation.
Download Ministool Partion qizard software & install it on

your computer.
Click on this link new tab will be open.
Click on free download.
Click on open tab & click on download now option.
Now your downloading will start.
Click on Save file.
after downloading the software double click on it install

& run it.
Click on Launch Application.
Here you will watch when ever you try to create a new partition it gives you message like (there is

not wnough space available on the disk to complete this operation)
When ever you try to use your hard disk free space.
Here you can watch your unllocated space, you try to create partition but failed.
Now we learn to create partion in condition.
Press F5 now then you can see unlocated space here.
Now just click on any primary partition whcih do'nt have OS.
Now click on Set aPartition as Logical.
You can watch that now partiton as Logical we will set more partition.
Click on apply then Yes.
Now Your partiton wil be set as Logical permanently.
Now you can Create Partion.
Here you  can choose your dirve letter.
Don't change any setting just click on next & finish.
Your partion is created you can see it in My Computer.

How to Clear, Delete Jump Lists or recent opening files history from Task bar In Windows 10

How to Clear or Delete Jump Lists In Windows 10

Right click on desktop.

Click no Personalize.

Click on Start

Turn off the option show recently opened items in jump Lists on start or the Taskbar.

Here you can Choose which folder you want to keep on your Start Menu.

It's Boring to delete recently open items one bye one.

Turn off the option show recently opened items in Jump Lists.

Turning off the Jump list feature will automatically clear Jump list.

you can check all recenty items cleared now.

If you want to continue using the Jump list feature so just turn it ON.

How to Know Windows 10 Pro Operating System Build Number

Click on Start Menu then Click on Settings.

Click on System.

Click on About.

Here you can see your OS Details.

But it's not showing OS build No. so we will go to 2nd step.

Type CMD in search box press enter.

Type systeminfo press enter.

Here you can see your OS build Number.

We can also check os build No. by typing winver.exe in search box.

Here is your OS Build No.

How to Create User Accounts in Windows 10 without using Microsoft Account/ Local account

How to create user Accounts in window s10 without using Microsoft Account.

Just go to start Menu click on Settings.

Click on Accounts.

Click on Family & Other users.

Then click on Add someone else to this PC.

Click on I don't have this person's sign-in information.

And wait for a while.

Click on Add a user without a Microsot Account.

Enter your User Name & Password.

User is Created you can also change user type.

Restart your Computer.

Your User is ready now, if you want to personalize your Desktop watch my previous video.

How to change Windows 10 Look using Classic Shell

Clasic Shell for Windows 10

Give your windows 10 Clasic Look. 
Go to Goole Download Clasic Shell.
Choose YOur Preferred Language.
After Downloading instal it in your Computer.
It could be ask to you to Keep this file just Click on Keep.
Click on it.
Now you can Customize your Start Menu and other things it's gives you many option.
Here you can replace Start Button.
You can Choose your Image for Start Menu but in .bmp & png. formats picutre.
You can change your Start Menu Style.
Mark on Show all Settings.
Here you will find all it's Settings change what you want.


How to know who visit my FaceBook profile 16/ change Facebook look/view

First install Google Chrome Browser.
After Installing Chrome type in Google search box Facebook Flat.
Now Click on Add to Chrome.
Now Log into Facebook.
You will see that your Facebook page is change.
You can see feature of the extension on left side of page.
Here you can check your profile visitor.
This extension fives you some shortcuts.
and if you don't Like this extension.
You can Disable or Enavble it from here.
After disable you will get your  Facebook Like earlier.
This option willl be available here you can Enable or Disable any Time.

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