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How to Create Website URL ON Desktop 2019

Create Website Shortcut using Google Chrome

Click on the address bar then Drag and Drop it on to the desktop to Create the Shortcut

It can aks you to Select the Browser or it will not ask you so follow the step

Congrets you have sucessfully created website Link

There is one more way to create Link Follow the steps

Copy URL

Right Click on Desktop click on New Select Shortcut

Paster URL here

Give Name to URL

How to Disable USB 2019

How to Disable USB

Currently PC Detecting USB Device

Press Windows + R Key

type regedit

Press ENTER or Click OK 

click Yes

Follow Steps

Click on Start Chagne Value from 3 to 4

Enter 4

Refresh List

Reconnect USB Drive

I Try 2 times it's not connecting


How to compress / Convert / Decrease Audio file Size

How to Compress any Audio File Without Lossing it's Quality

Download Audacity editor Software

Follow Steps

Select your OS here

Install IT

Follow All steps Correctly

Configure this settings

Go to File Export IT

Save it in diffrent folder or give it new name

Check both file size

Reset windows 10 Store App

Reset Windows 10 Store App Store

After Resetting the Store App will CLEAR ALL DATA on your current device as well as REMOVE your SIGN-IN details, so you will need to SIGN-IN to the Store all Over Again

Let's Start

Open the Settings From Start Menu

Click Apps, in other version of Windows you will find Apps & Features

Click on Aps & Features

Search for Store App you will find it with different names in your OS

Click on Advanced options

Find here Reset option 

Click on Reset

Read it then Click Reset

After Reset Completed, you will see a Check Mark

Store is Reset Now


How to Know Windows Build Number

How to Know Os Build

Go to System Settings

Click System Icon Then Click About

Here OS Build NO. 10240 Show

If not Shown

Type winver.exe in Windows Search Bar

Build No.

Press Windows+R Key to Open Run Command Box

Type systeminfo

Hit Enter

Build No. 10240


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