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Follow the Steps
Hold down the Shift Key & right click on Documents folder
click on Copy as Path
Right click on Start Menu Button then click on command

Prompt (Admin)
click yes
Now typed the following command 
mklink / J "C:\MyDocuments""C:\Users\Test\Documents"
Press Enter
Now go to Windows Drive
Right cllick on My Documents 
Click on Pin to 
Qucik Access
Your Created folder is appearing in Quick Access list you can also change other folder name listed in Quick Access using this command
Now you can Unpin old folder
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How to Personalize Windows 8.1 Desktop

Right Click on Desktop, Then Click on Personalize.

Click on Change Deskto Icons.

Here You wil find all desktop icons, Mark Which you want to Keep on Desktop.

Now click on Apply & Ok.

You Can also Increase your Mouse Speed After Clicking on Pointer Options.

Here You can see Windows 8.1 Themes.

Just Click one of these theme which you like.

If you want to change it just right click & click on Next desktop Background.

Right Click on Deskto go to  Personalize.

Here you can Select your desktop Background Picture.

Here you can Choose your Desktop lock Screen Picture.

Here you can Choose your desktop Icons.

You Can also Increase your Mouse Speed.

Here you can Hide Your recent open programmes files.

If you off this options then your recent open programme will not show.

You can also make your stat menu on full screen.

Your Start menu now on full screen.

How to Remove One Operating System Which is not in use but Display in the Boot Screen with other Operating System.

Whether you have two Windows 7 installed in different partitions or two different OS.

You seee a Dual Boot Menu when the Computer Restarts.

Removing one of the Dual Boot Options is easy.

First Now Boot into the Operating SystemThat you  want to Keep.

Right click on My computer and go to Properties.

Now click on Advanced System Settings tabn and see the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings.

Now click on the Edit button, this will open a Boot.ini file.

You just need to delete the option of operating system which you do not want to use any more or is invalid click ok.

restart to Apply Changes.

One of the Operating systems will be reove from the Boot Menu.

How to Restore Missing Settings Option to Windows 10 Start Menu.

You Can Press Window Logo+l key to open Settings app or click on the Action Center.

Now click On All Settings.

Now Click on Personalization.

Click on Start.

Click on Choose Which folders Appear on Start.

Turn on Settings Option.

Settings option is back Now.

How to Stop Browser Keeps Crashing.

The Browser keeps crashing within minutes making it difficult to use

the Internet.
The problem persists with the use of every brower like Firefox,

Internet Explorer and others.
That means the problem is not brower specific but computer specific.
To solve this problem you need to perform some steps.
First of all clear all the temporary and useless files that cultter

the Browser.
Click on stat menu and type %temp% then press enter.
Press Ctrl+A then press Shift+Delete and Enter.
some files will not delete. Just skip or cancel them and close the window.
Now open Internet Explorer.
Go to Tools and click on Delete Browsing History.
Mark all check box and click on Delete, it will take some time depanding on your temporary files.
Now go to Firefox and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete Buttons.
Select everything then click on Clear Now.
But if you are unable to stick on the browser that long try the following.
Right click in the root drive C: and go to Properties. Now click on disk cleanup button.
It will take some time depanding on Temp Files. 
Again mark the check box and click on OK.
After this your drive space will Increse.
Uninstall any toolbar if you have installed on the Browser.
Now Scan the system with latest version Anti-virus.
after scanning restart your computer.

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