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How To Hide data / Secure personal data Drive or Volume in any operating System of Microsoft

How to Hide Personal Data Drive Follow the Step.

Go to Stat Menu Search Command Prompt & Run As Administrator
Click Yes.

Type here diskpart then type list volume here you can select which drive or volume you want to Hide.

I will Hide E Drive. Now type Select volume 3 Press Enter then type remove.

Now go to My Computer you will see that your Drive Hide Now from Computer. 

You can try to Access your Hide Drive but you will not be able to acces it. Whenever you will not restore it.

Now type select volume 3, then type assign press enter, now your drive is restored you can check it.

How To Know Installed Apps Software In Any Windows

Go to start menu type CMD, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Click Yes.

Click Yes, Now Command Prompt will open as Administrator.

Now type wmic pres enter then type command.

/output:C:\InstallList.txt product get name, version

Now you will see a txt file in your Windows.

Here is list of Installed Programs.

How to Stop Windows 10 Edge Browser from opening PDF files

How to stop windows Browser from opening PDF files.

Go to Start Menu open Settings.

Click Here.

Click on Default apps.

Click on Default apps by file type.


Click on Microsoft Edge & choose your default app.

Now your all PDF file will default open in your selected app.

We can also change this setting in control panel.

Open control panel click on Default Programs.

Click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

Select here .pdf & click on Change program now.

Now your all PDF file will open in your selected app.

How to Restore Compressed zipped folder shortcut

If the Compressed-zipped folder is missing from the Send to menu of Windows 10 Then you can try out Given solutions to restore zipped folder in Send to menu with the heapl of this video.

How to Disable Window Animations in Windows 10

Now type sysdm.cpl then press enter 

Now go to Advanced then settings

Uncheck the box Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing

Then apply & OK

Now you will feel minimizing and maximizing speed is increased

Go to PC Settings app, or you can type Settings in the Start menu search box and then press enter key

Click on Ease of Access

Click on other options

Click on Placy Animation of windows turn it off

How to Enable Or Disable Narrator In Windows 10

Click on Start button Open Settings

Clicko on Ease of Access

Click on Narrator then click on toggle switch to turn on or off narrator

Here you can make change in Narrator Settings

You can also trun on Narrator from Control Panel

Click on Ease of Access

Click on Ease of Center

Click on Start Narrator

For close Narrator just right click on Narrator click on Exit

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