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Hide Drive/Volume using Group Policy-2017 without any software.

Hide Drive Volume Using Group Policy

Type CMD then press enter.

Now type gpedit.msc then press enter.

Now click on Administrative Templates.

Now Click on Windows Components 

Non click on Windows Explorer

Now Scroll Down and Search Hide these Specified Drives in My Computer.

Double click on it.

Here you can see it is not configured.

You will have to click on Enabled. and select drive which you want to hide.

I have selected D drive now click on apply & OK.

Now click on My Computer and you will see D: drive is hide.

Now if you  want to bring it back then click again that option.

Click on not Configured option then apply and OK.

Click on My Computer press F5 your drive will be back.

How to change Drive letter

How to Change any Drive letter.

Go to Start Menu right click on computer then click on manage.

Now click on disk Management.

A list of Drive will show, now you  can choose which drive letter you want to change.

Here i have selected drive p then right click it now click on Change Drive Letter and Paths Option.

Now click on change option.

Here you can see a list of drive letters now you can select any letter Which you want then click on OK.

Now click on Yes.

Now you can see your dirve letter has Changed.

How to copy or save photo video software, mp3 data when windows not starting or booting, or from corrupt windows

How to copy data when windows not Starting or Booting.

Turn on your Computer then press F8, then select Repair Your Computer.

Now Follow Steps.

Click on Command Prompt.

Type (notepad.exe) then click on File Select Save as then you will be enter into MY Computer.

Here you can see your drive & now you can copy your data.

Change file type.

connect your backup drive.

Now copy  past your data.

Brand new Oneplus 5 Unboxing and Configure

Unboxing and Configure Oneplus 5.

Dash Charger & USB Cable.
Here you have Quick Start Guide.
1St Camera 16MP F/1.7
2nd 20MP F/2.8
153GM Only
Let's configure it.
I Will Skip some steps.
it's asking for copy your data form Old Phone.
it's showing update let's download it.
Tap on Build number to enable developer Option.
First time Ant Tu Tu Banchmark Test.
Rank without Installing apps.
No.1 is Openplus 5 but my Oneplus 5 is on 4th Place.

2 and Half Month Old 3t VS brand New Oneplus 5 Ant Tu Tu & Games Comparison

2 and half Month old 3t VC Oneplus 5 Games Comparison.

Ant Tu Tu Benchmark Test.
3t 5 Sec Behind so Far.
3T go More 15 Sec Behind.
Now we Test Games.
2 & Half Month Old 3t Vc Oneplus 5 Games Comparison.
3t was so Closer.
Both the Device are Best.

After 3 Days use of Oneplus 5 VS 2 and Half Month Old 3T performance Test

3 Days Old Oneplus 5 VS 2 & Half Month Old 3T.

3T Performance After Formating.

Games Test

One Plus 5 is best Wins 2 Times.


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